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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fire House Opens Its Doors

Last weekend we attended an Open House that the local firemen were putting on at the firehouse nearest to St Germain. I am sure you get the picture: Rigs parked on the street, ice Cream for everyone, aerial display, letting children use the pole with a safety rope, and fire service career pamphlets. It was a community get-acquainted and look-see with an emphasis on children.

All the jakies were in their best uniforms, the house had been cleaned and sanitized, boots shined, and lots of smiling faces. Been there, done that.
The things that looked so familiar were the little things.

The body language of the H-2’s as they smoked and talked among themselves waiting for the event to conclude, the officers hovering for a good impression, a smiling fireman under a Ben & Jerry’s umbrella handing out ice cream cups, and a giant chrome Barbeque stashed in back. The Barbeque looked like it cost more than the engine. There was an attractive young, blond, mother in tight pants pushing a baby stroller with more firemen around her than a fourth alarm command post.

Ah ! The verities of firehouse life, whether we are in San Francisco, Denver, or Paris it is always seems the same. It is like a universal brotherhood. Vive le Pompiers.


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