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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Patients Without Borders

Our trip to Paris has taken us down an unexpected path. Mary’s cold took a turn for the worse; Mary had been wrestling with this for a few weeks and it did not appear to be moving toward resolution. Mary was getting weaker and less well. Finally on Sunday I took her to the American Hospital of Paris. They gave her a battery of tests and said that she was severely dehydrated and extremely low in potassium.

They kept her in the hospital for two nights until her blood numbers were back to normal. Whew! It was a bit of a concern but everything is now appears to be back to normal.

On a lighter note, you KNEW I would find a lighter note. This hospital goes back to before the First World War; there is a great deal of history and great American names associated with the hospital. Mary is in love with this hospital, says it is one of the best. She felt the doctors asked good questions, listened well, and made the experience a positive one.

They have good food AND great room service. Yes room service, you can order some foie gras and a bottle of Sancerre and a white jacketed and black slacks waiter brings your order. In general they are much more user friendly and less lab coaty than American hospitals. With the foie gras and the white burgundy I almost had to shoe horn Mary out of this place.


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